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#1 Congenital Genetic Disorders Prevelant in Dachshunds
Max & Cleo Posted on: 2005/6/16 14:45
Here is a list of prevelant genetic disorders in dachshunds, reprinted from:

Breed Predisposition to Disease
and Congenital Conditions


  • Acanthosis nigricans

  • Achondroplasia of the limbs

  • Atypical chronic superficial keratitis (atypical pannus)

  • Chronic superficial keratitis (miniatures)

  • Cleft of lip and palate
    • Median fissures due to nonclosure of bones.

  • Colonic perforation

  • Color dilution alopecia

  • Conjunctival dermoid

  • Corneal dystrophy
    • both epithelial (superficial) and endothelial

  • Corneal erosion (superficial)

  • Cystinuria
    • Excess cystine in urine.

    • Predisposing to calculi.

  • Deafness

  • Demodicosis

  • Dermoid cysts

  • Diabetes mellitus

  • Ectasia of sclera
    • Excessive tortuosity of retinal vessels.

    • Chorioretinal dysplasia.

    • Excavation of the optic disc.

    • Retinal detachment.

    • Intraocular hemorrhage and veriform streaks of the fundus in young

  • Entropion

  • Folliculitis and pedal furunculosis, bacterial

  • Heterochromia iridis
    • Whitish-blue iris

  • Hyperadrenocorticism

  • Hypoplasia (or aplasia) of optic nerve

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Idiopathic epilepsy

  • Idiopathic onychodystrophy

  • Intervertebral disc disease
    • Predisposition due to breed conformation and other factors.

  • Juvenile cellulitis

  • Keratoconjunctivitis sicca
    • Decreased tear production.

    • Can progress to increased corneal vascularization and pigmentation.

  • Linear IgA dermatosis

  • Malasezia dermatitis

  • Microphthalmia
    • Small eyes

  • Nodular panniculitis (sterile)

  • Pattern alopecia (ears)

  • Pattern alopecia (ventral)

  • Pemphigus foliaceous

  • Osteopetrosis
    • Clinically similar to "swimmer" pups

    • Radiographically uniformly dense bones and abnormal bone resorption.

  • Over and undershot jaw in the Longhaired variety.
    • Abnormal relative growth of the mandible and/or maxilla.

  • Panniculitis
    • Inflammatory condition of the subcutaneous fat.

  • Pattern baldness
    • Males have bilateral alopecia of the ear pinnae
    • Females have alopecia of the ventral body.

  • Pemphigus foliaceous

  • Persistent pupillary membrane

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy

  • Progressive retinal degeneration (standard and miniatures)

  • Renal hypoplasia
    • Polydipsia

    • Polyuria

  • Sensory neuropathy (longhairs)

  • Sterile pyogranuloma syndrome

  • Sternal callus

  • Ureodermatologic syndrome

  • Ununited anconeal process

  • Vasculitis (idiopathic)

#2 Re: Congenital Genetic Disorders Prevelant in Dachshunds
Harry Posted on: 2005/6/16 15:34
Yikes.... with this lot... its surprising that we are so popular!

#3 Re: Congenital Genetic Disorders Prevelant in Dachshunds
lbilli2 Posted on: 2005/6/30 14:25
wow! do other breeds have lists this long too?

#4 Re: Congenital Genetic Disorders Prevelant in Dachshunds
lbilli2 Posted on: 2005/6/30 14:26
wow! do other breeds have lists this long too?

#5 Re: Congenital Genetic Disorders Prevelant in Dachshunds
queenbee Posted on: 2005/7/5 21:29
Actually a lot of them do! But the likely hood of your dog having several of these at once is very slim. If breeders do their job, these diseases become less and less. Bassets have quite a few.

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